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Faculty PFCMA17
Rachel Xi Zhang
Sven Hoscheit
Vasco Ramalho
Arjan Jongsma
Maikel Claessens
Dominique Vleeshouwers
Ramon Lormans
Vincent Houdijk

Application & Requirements

This year the 12th edition of the Percussion Friends Chamber Music Academy will take place from August 19th until 26th at the Conservatory of Amsterdam 

For the Schedule: click 

Percussionists with a proper basic level aged between 14-18 years

Percussionists that are experienced aged from 18 until 25 with conservatory level

Percussionists in the beginning of their careers after ending their bachelors and/or masters

We ask all applicants for a YouTube video of you playing/performing in order to measure your level

We ask all applicants for a list of pieces that are on your repertoire in order to measure your level

Each year the PFCMA has several concerts performed by our Faculty and/or our participants

Meer info:
Costs PFCMA17 [entire project]
€399,- (deadline 01.08.2017)
ATTENTION: including lunch, excluding housing

To find a comfortable place to stay in Amsterdam during PFCMA17 we advice you to book a hotel or hostel on your own. We work with Stay Okay, where several students of PFCMA17 will stay. There they offer 4-person rooms, PF makes can provide you a list of participants to team up and sleep in one room together. Discount code for all locations of Stay OkayPFCMA17



Masterclasses PFCMA17

Sven Hoscheit

Rachel Xi Zhang

Arjan Jongsma

Maikel Claessens

Ramon Lormans & Aart Strootman

Dominique Vleeshouwers

Peter Prommel

Vincent Houdijk

Concerts PFCMA17

19 augustus 2017  Opening night i.c.w. Grachtenfestival. 

16:00 @ Bijlmer Prison, Amsterdam
Free entrance 

Terry Rileys' In C performed by PFCMA17 Faculty.

23 augustus 2017 ‘Masterworks for Percussion’ 

20:00 @ Splendor Amsterdam
€ 10 / passe-partout € 25

Concert by Arjan Jongsma, Sven Hoscheit en Joint Venture Percussion Duo. With world premiere by Aart Strootman's new Marimba Quartet


24 augustus 2017  ‘Contemporeadyness’ 

20:00 @ Splendor Amsterdam
€ 10 / passe-partout € 25

Concert by Dominique Vleeshouwers, Vasco Ramalho & Lunatree.


25 augustus 2017 ‘The night of the unexpected’ 

20:00 @ Splendor Amsterdam
€ 10 / passe-partout € 25

Concert by the bands TEMKO & VinnieVibes

26 augustus 2017 ‘Closing concert’ i.c.w. Uitmarkt Amsterdam
12:30 @ Haitinkzaak, Conservatory of Amsterdam

Free entrance 

Closing concert by all participants.

Book your tickets by clicking HERE

Reaction Theodor Milkov

"... I recommend every percussionist to attend the Percussion Friends Chamber Music Academy. The amount of knowledge that everyone can gain is enormous..." 

Theodor Milkov

Reaction Tchiki duo

"...Tchiki Duo is delighted to be invited for several years at the Percussion Friends Chamber Music Academy. Percussion nowadays is in full development, especially for the young talented percussionists, and both Vincent Houdijk & Ramon Lormans are the leading teachers of this concept dedicated to the next generation of artists. Tchiki duo encourage this idea of mixing young professional students with young talented amateur musicians to stimulate the teaching process. This way, numerous students learn a lot and quick, with a relevant concert at the end of the academy. 

The smile and the enthusiastic applause from audience is the best reward for the intensive work the students made during 10 days.

Tchiki duo strongly recommends this academy to all international percussionists.
Long life to Percussion Friends!..."

Nicolas Suter & Jacques Hostettler, Tchiki Duo

Reaction Nanae Mimura
“It was amazing! A lot of fun!” 

“Music, especially ensemble playing makes us so happy and we can share most precious moments of our life!”

“It was a wonderful experience for me to work with all the students and teachers of PF!” 

Nanae Mimura

Reactions Mark Braafhart

".. In 2013 I had the honor to teach a masterclass at Percussion Friends Chamber Music Academy. What I liked so much at this academy was the broad offer of lessons and information, the relaxed atmosphere, and the endless enthusiasm by the students and teachers about music. Besides that there were great concerts by reputable names in the percussion field. The fact that this academy takes place at the Conservatory of Amsterdam makes it easy to make contact between the students of the conservatory and the students of Percussion Friends. 

Overall a fantastic course! I would advise to anyone loving percussion to apply for Percussion Friends Chamber Music Academy!..."

Mark Braafhart


e-mail :
Percussion Friends
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Vincent Houdijk
Studio and private lessons

Percussion Friends 4-All class
Location Adams:
Adams Musical Instruments
Aziestraat 17-19
6014 DA Ittervoort

Sweelinck Academy
Location CvA:
Conservatorium van Amsterdam
Oosterdokskade 151
1011 DL Amsterdam

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